This ‘happening’ post pertains to my fanfic Fallen Stars. It is a Fire Emblem, TibarnxReyson fic.

I never got in the habit of publishing short stories before publishing long ones. It seems that I am so loathe to finish with a story that I let it drag on and on.  I think a lot on these stories, more than anyone but a few would ever know. Even Fallen Starts or anything else that I have taken a break from for a long time. I usually take breaks when I’m busy or when I don’t have enough reviews to motivate me. It’s actually split even between the two, surprisingly. I still know the main things I want done in this fic, but I think I’mma risk a plothole and forget the whole time thing. I can’t recall what day I am on. Two days before the party? Two days they have met together? I don’t know.

Anyway, uh, so let’s go.

Speed forward to the day of reckoning, the great Let Go. Bring in the Dawn Brigade to shake things up.

Later on, at Gallia’s place, Ashera’s party.

Day after, Ashnard again.

I feel so discouraged. I was so into the beginning and the end that I never really planned a middle strong enough for me to remember! I may never be able to finish this!


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