Getting Ahead is like Getting High

So, like, I’m addicted to writing right now. It’s all I really want to do besides playing video games and cleaning. And right now I’m playing Tekken 6 and Resident Evil 5 or Harvest Moon Animal Parade. I got the last for Christmas ’09, Tekken the day it came out, and RE5 sometime during the summer with my XBOX 360.

I like to write fantasy stories, mostly fanfiction because I’m too much of a pussy to publish something of my original works, which I actually have a couple of. I like male/male mostly because I don’t like writing girls too much, or reading them, or watching them. Oh well.

Some people think that the Tekken and RE series have gotten worse over time. Tekken is on a ‘pretty game’ or RE has gotten less scary.  Alien infested people are a bit less scary than zombies I guess. And Tekken’s a fighting game. It has only gotten prettier to me. But new characters and endings has me running to anything that comes from it.

Is Leo a boy yet? Lee is gay. I love me some Christie!
Sure, no problem.

In all honesty, I tend not to view both these games as continuations of the former addition. I believe people worked to0 hard to make them different and look better that the last one. I believe they are getting better and better.

Consult a psychiatrist on why I love yaoi. Man and man seems rough! But I have found out that it is in fact a very girly medium, if you try hard enough. Gag on the video song, but it’s the only one I saw that didn’t have like Naruto and Bleach yaoi, which I didn’t want, ya’ know.


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