At the moment, I am writing a Ai no Kusabi piece of fanfiction that I believe is really swell. So swell, in fact, that though I only have a single reviewer, with her encouragement and my perhaps delusional belief I continue on with my story. I know people are reading. I mean, now, I have all the time in the world to write but no one wants to write back to me. It’s so sad… for me, anyway. I make an effort to get in touch with those whose blogs I read because, quite frankly, I think they write publicly because they want the public to respond and I like giving encouragement and so on.

I’ve been writing for myself far longer than I have been writing for anyone else, if you don’t count school. But I’m not in school now and I miss the comments I would get back on my stories or essays on what I have written. Yet, I am starting to believe that whatever talents I had in writing were all flukes. All of them. And no one cares anymore.


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