Happenings 1

And here I start with what I made this Blog for. Not to express myself to the world, but to keep near everything that goes on in this head of mine.

Riki meets Iason, Xian misses Ju and Toma, Ju lives in the Mines, Toma is off doing missions, Omaki has nympho problems, Heiku misses Yousi, Yousi lives in Neal Darts, Amon meets Eadni a couple of times, Raoul deals with tail stuff while Yui watches, Vaessi-Kyle-Enil hang out, Nico and Aether meet a lot, Konmai warns Iason about Riki as does Jupiter, Suuki-Aki-Vy Bogard-Mrir Simmons, Aertis-2-5, Sentinels react some to the Haps, nothing really happens.

And so here are my first notes on this place for my fanfiction while I follow other people on their blogs. I don’t exactly want to share everything with everybody but I feel like I can do whatever I can on here and I don’t mind doing that in the least, really. I put up a fake name for a reason, even if it does have part of my real name and everything, haha. I think I might even post some stories… I mean, why not? Who else is gonna read them? But why blog them…

Hmm… I guess I really do like the idea of someone coming upon them and reading them and perhaps posting a comment or two. I’m desperate like that, I guess. But I fully expect nothing at all… Sort of… Not really. I believe in the Inaudibles and other little things.


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